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5 Secrets of a Progressive Company You Need To Know

If you are currently working in HR or if you are a business owner with some work experience before starting your own venture, can you remember the happiest moment you had as an employee?

Was it the time when you were doubting yourself then you received your first commendation for doing a job well done?

Was it when you got promoted to the position you’ve been eyeing and working so hard for for months or years?

Was it the time when you received a performance bonus for being the outstanding employee of the month?

Or… is it that moment when you realize that you’ve finally found your people, your tribe, and you feel deep within you that it is with them where you belong?

Whatever reason you come up with, that’s a hint that your company is a progressive one – employers don’t see their employees as mere robots wound up to just work for them but see them as the people they really are.

Prioritizing the employee experience

After the Great Resignation in 2021, people no longer look for jobs that can only offer money as compensation for the time and effort they give.

People wanted more – purpose, growth, and work-life balance.

Some job seekers wanted to know that the job they’ll be doing contributes to the “greater scheme of things.”

When the overwhelming uncertainty of life woke the people from their reverie during the height of the pandemic, surviving to live life to the fullest mattered more than finding a way to earn more.

That’s why finding employment with a purpose became one of the knock on effects of the Great Resignation.

In addition, more candidates pursued personal growth and development that would make them more productive and motivated in their chosen career.

When they learn new things, it gives them the confidence and satisfaction that empower them, as they’ll believe they can do more, to do better at work. They get upskilled and more experienced in their field as their horizon expands careerwise.

It is also vital to have a work-life balance.

Though the hustle culture was in full swing for some before the pandemic hit, for many people, it was put somehow into a full stop when their mortality suddenly dawned on them.

With lockdowns implemented across the globe, many employees learned to cherish the time they have with their loved ones and the time to give themselves some love.

Even when things started to ease up, many wanted to keep the routine they’ve already established during the pandemic – having the opportunity to work and spend time with family, pets, and even time for self-care and hobbies.

These are just some of the aspects greatly considered in the current recruitment process.

As a proof, there are more options now to work remotely – which digital nomads truly love – or keep a work from home setup.

No need to worry about what to wear, about the commute, about seeing the person they dislike in the office (oops!) – employees can simply just start their day with a hearty breakfast, firing up their laptop or computer, and going online afterwards.

This is just one of the ways people were put first in the corporate scene as their safety from the virus was ensured during the pandemic and their sense of themselves preserved afterwards.

How to develop employee experience in the workplace?

According to a Forbes article on putting people first, hotel magnates J.W. and Alice Marriott believed in a people-centric approach in their corporation.

One of their quotes says, “If we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers, and the customers will come back.”

This still rings true to their continuous success up to this day.

When they continued valuing the well-being of their people over profits, these people echoed the quality of leadership their company exhibited and were able to provide world class service to their customers.

Going back to your happiest moment, how can you forward that experience to your employees?

How can you keep them glad and thrilled to be working for you and give them a reason to stay in your business?

Here are five elements that can help you have a happy workforce.

1. Employee acknowledgement

Part of acknowledging your employees is getting to know them and how they work.

Although it’s been said many times that progress is progress, it is still important to know and understand where a certain employee started from.

Everyone has a learning curve and being familiar with how your employee has improved will help you give out genuine acknowledgements.

You have to learn when the right time is to praise your employee and give them a compliment for their effort. If poorly timed, it may seem fake and patronizing.

You will want to avoid that as it will be counterproductive. You’ll only sow a seed of doubt that may prevent your employee from shining and performing better in their job.

2. Upskilling and training

This will greatly satisfy your passionate employee and improve your eager-to-learn employee.

When someone is driven to grow, having an opportunity will boost their motivation. This will lead to optimal performance and career growth that will be beneficial to your company.

Investing in your keen-to-learn employees will also have the same effect. Although progress may not be as fast as investing in your passionate people, having an upskilled workforce can help your business adapt to any trend that may rise in your industry.

3. Employee recognition

Having this will benefit your workforce greatly.

For example, you hold a monthly employee recognition program.

Those who are recognized for their exemplary work will receive a reward that will motivate them to do their excellent job consistently, while the others will be inspired to do their best and hope to be the next one to be recognized.

This will cultivate a culture of excellence that will translate to the progress and success of your company.

4. Open communication

Everyone appreciates being heard and listened to.

Giving your employees an assurance that they can express themselves and that they are surrounded by receptive people in the workforce can establish a strong sense of community in the workplace.

Employees will see each other as someone who has their back in times of need.

For example, employees won’t have any hesitation asking questions if they’re confused about company procedures or processes.

They don’t have to worry about being looked down upon or humiliated.

Having this open communication will prevent any mishap that can happen just because someone hesitated to ask and decided to just assume.

When situations like this compound, you will realize that you’ve saved your company’s time, money, and resources.

5. Team collaboration

This will help your employees complete projects quickly and efficiently, collectively brainstorm solutions, which will eventually give team members a sense of accomplishment.

Promoting this in your workplace will encourage mentoring opportunities. Your performers in the job can guide the new ones on how to achieve your company goals faster.

This can improve the efficiency of your workforce in general and speed up the growth of your business in time.

Wrapping it up

Viewing your employees as people who deserve a progressive workplace can help your business grow further.

If you take care of your people, they will take care of your business, too.

With that, you’ll eventually have the loyalty of the best employees out there who’ll opt to stay with you because your business is a great place to work in.

For them, your grass will be the greenest in the world.

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