Employee Onboarding

Make sure your new hires are ready to hit the ground running with an onboarding solution that ensures you've got everything covered from contract signing and logins to induction and training.

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New Hire Portal

It's essential that your new employees feel welcomed and are engaged and productive from day one. A new hire portal that allows them to log in, read and organize their company documents, and understand what's going to happen during the onboarding process is a crucial part of making that happen.

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Induct Employees

Inducting your new people efficiently is a must if you want them to feel like part of the team from the moment they accept your job offer. A seamless induction and onboarding process makes sure all the boxes are checked during the first few days and weeks of their employment, making life easier for both of you.

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Workflow and Processes

Onboarding your new hires doesn't have to be confusing and time consuming. Make sure your employees and your HR team are all on the same page throughout the entire process with highly visual and intuitive workflows that ensure everyone knows what's happening at any point in time.

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Task Completion

With different people and departments being responsible for making sure a new employee is settled in and has everything they require, you need a way to make sure all the tasks on your onboarding to-do list are taken care of. From Accounting to IT and back to HR, our task completion feature helps you stay in control.

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