Self-Service for Employees

Employee Self Service (ESS) reduces time, effort and paperwork by allowing your staff to sign into Hezum and book and manage time off, as well as access HR-related documents and information.

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Employee Profiles

Your employees' profiles are a small but important part of an Employee Self Service solution. Provide new hires with a password and login details as part of your onboarding process and ask them to create their profile. This ensures they're set up to use self service and helps them to feel like part of the team right away.

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Giving employees a degree of autonomy helps create engagement and tells them they are a trusted and valued member of the organization. And when employees take control of their time management and other administrative tasks through their personal dashboard you'll save your HR department time and effort too.

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Employee Directory

Using an Employee Self Service software solution also increases data accuracy. That's because a member of staff is more likely to enter their own information correctly into your employee directory rather than the task being left to an admin assistant who might not even know who that person is.

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Company Announcements

Make sure everyone knows what's happening within your organization by giving them access to announcements they need to know about. From a new department head to great news about end of quarter profits and from changes to policies to dates of office parties, you'll save your HR team countless hours and emails with this ESS feature!

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