Employee database

Get organized with our user-friendly features which provide you with a secure, centralized location to store data about your people, your departments and your locations.

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Employee database

Wave goodbye to files, folders and spreadsheets and say hello to a more productive way of working. Need info about one of your people? It's all here in your database. From an employee's name and email address to their department, date of hire and current status, this is the more coordinated and secure way to store personal details.

Hezum Workforce People Index

Org chart

When questions arise about who reports to who, your company's org chart is invaluable. It also plays an important part in the onboarding process, allowing new recruits to put names to faces and understand your hierarchy more easily.

Hezum Workforce Org Chart

Company departments

Your departments are the cogs that make up your organization's well-oiled machine. Stay on top of the small, but crucial, details such as department name, manager, maximum absences allowed and vacation allowance with our company department feature.

Hezum Settings Office Locations

Office locations

Today, even small to mid-sized companies rarely operate from just one location. Multiple offices and other sites plus the rise of remote and hybrid working can mean employees are scattered across the country, continent or even globe. Keep tabs on all your locations with this handy feature.

Hezum Workforce Settings Departments

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