Time Off Management

Managing time off doesn't have to be a time suck! Hezum takes a double pronged approach to time off management by allowing both employees and HR to log in to the system for easier scheduling of vacation and other leave.

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Time Off Wall Chart

Know who's at work and who's out sick or on vacation with a time off wallchart that gives you a 360 degree overview of where your employees are across your entire organization. Not only does this show who's in and who's out but it enables you to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts when it comes to approving time off.

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Individual Calendars

Individual time off calendars zoom in on any given employee's planned vacation dates, public holidays and other scheduled time off. Hezum helps both Human Resource departments and personnel efficiently manage their leave and see at a glance how much annual allowance they have left to use up.

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Email Notifications

The days of downloading and printing out a vacation request form and physically getting it signed by a manager and HR are long gone. Hezum ensures that time off management is quick and easy through our Employee Self Service solution and automatic email notifications that advise whether a request has been granted or not.

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Slack Integration

Hezum seamlessly integrates with communication platforms such as Slack, making it even easier to stay on top of time off management. Not only that but all users will be able to see who is out that day, allowing them to reroute queries or tasks for greater efficiency and resolution.

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