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3 Best Ways to Recruit in a Post-Pandemic World

No one could've ever imagined that a virus would put the world to a halt, especially in these modern times, and change almost everything we're accustomed to, particularly in the corporate world.

It is understandable how physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting it can be to screen numbers of applicants trying their luck to get into your company and being put under pressure, at the same time, of maximizing your resources and not wasting any of the company’ precious time and money.

Sometimes you just have to do your job and stand your ground as if all the candidates are a threat to your institution – and you are the sole gatekeeper keeping it from harm’s way.

In your mind, only those who are worthy will survive and overcome all the challenges you will throw their way (especially if you have a tough disposition).

But, how does that affect your hiring process and the overall situation of your company?

The post-pandemic recruitment scene

No one could’ve ever imagined that a virus would put the world to a halt, especially in these modern times, and change almost everything we’re accustomed to, particularly in the corporate world.

Year 2020, indeed, changed the world as we know it.

Ways to keep businesses going in a remote setup were created to work around the lock downs and restrictions implemented to prevent the virus from spreading further.

These lock downs caused a sense of isolation that brought forth waves of realizations and reactions. People were stripped off of the distractions they encountered regularly before the COVID-19 pandemic and became more aware of what they truly value most in their lives.

This eventually led to the Great Resignation of 2021. Employees were voluntarily resigning from their jobs with the drive to seek a better work-life balance afterwards.

Most job seekers were laser-focused on finding the next job that will not only help them have a means of surviving but also have a reason for living.

3 Ways to make your post-pandemic hiring process better

Since we are still in the post-pandemic years, if that kind of driven candidate comes your way and experiences the powerplay you do, there’s a great chance that they’ll walk away happily, thinking they’ve dodged a bullet, and will never look back.

That candidate turned out to be an exemplary employee because his next application experience gave him the chance to showcase their skills and experience that can contribute to the company’s success.

Don’t worry, there are ways to prevent that from happening – you can still catch the big fish in the pool of talents out there!

Here are some steps that can help lighten your burden as an interviewer:

  • Publish detailed job descriptions and a clear employer brand

Be clear and specific on what the job is all about, what the company aims to achieve, and what is the culture like working for you.

You can write an appealing summary at the top of the ad but see to it that the duties and responsibilities are well-put so that candidates can already assess themselves if they are up for it before continuing with the application.

It is also important that the qualifications and requirements are explicitly stated as they will serve as a filter right away.

Including the company goals and culture in the workplace in the ad can give applicants a picture of how the place they’re planning to join runs and where it is headed.

This will give candidates the chance to see if their values and personality are aligned with your business.

This will significantly narrow down the number of applicants that you will have to interview, giving you more time to focus on the more important things in the interview process.

In addition, you’ll no longer have to go through hundreds, or even thousands, of applicants because there’s a big possibility of receiving applications from positively qualified talents.

  • Invest in an applicant tracking system (ATS)

This could be the perfect recruitment buddy that you need.

Nowadays, the hiring process is catching up with the technological advancement of different fields – and it keeps getting better!

Having a tool that automates finding the right candidate, sorting incoming applications, and handling interview schedules can make your work so much easier.

You can throw away and forget actual folders of candidate profiles and just maximize this digital tool that saves both your and your company’s time and resources.

Like what detailed job descriptions can do, this can also help trim down the potential huge number of applicants coming your way and just interview the ones who fit the needs of your company.

  • Utilize your employee referral program

As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together.

The exceptional and highly performing employees in your company might just know someone who can contribute greatly in your operations and can help drive your business to success.

It’s highly possible that there are people in their network who can fill in the vacancies that you have and just do a great job at that.

Remember, in instances that their referral is still employed in a different company, to take into consideration that they’ll be sticking out their neck promoting your business as a better place to work in.

Rewards in the form of incentives, bonuses, or added perks can compensate for their efforts of putting forward a beneficial and suitable talent for your institution.

3 best ways to recruit in a post-pandemic world: conclusion

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Both the technology and the people around you can pave the way for an easier interview process.

You can keep away your weapons and keep in mind that they are just people, too, who have gone through a lot like you and are just looking for a better shot at working for a living – see them as they are and work on a connection.

Be the good communicator that you are who brings out the best in the candidates in front of you.

Their experience with your interview process is their first glimpse of what’s waiting for them once they’re hired.

Keep in mind: You are an embodiment of the company that you represent.

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