Human Resources Glossary - T

Talent Acquisition

Refers to the process of identifying and acquiring skilled individuals to meet your organizational needs.

Talent Management

The planned, strategic process of bringing in the right talent and assisting them in reaching their full potential while keeping organizational goals in mind.

Tangible Rewards

This refers to the non-cash incentives with monetary worth, such as gift cards, gift certificates, and products.

Targeted Recruiting

A predefined strategy to advertise job openings in certain locations and strategies to draw individuals with particular backgrounds, abilities, or traits.

Taxable Wage Base

Refers to the amount of an employee’s income in which the payment for Social Security for an individual’s tax liability is calculated from.

Tax Levy

A tax collection process used to legally seize a taxpayer’s assets to satisfy unpaid taxes.

Termination Letter

A formal notice from an employer informing an employee that they are being dismissed from their position.


Refers to the period of time from when a candidate first applied in the company and when they accepted a job offer.

Time Tracking

How companies keep track of employees’ working hours and make sure they are fairly compensated for their time, as well as ensuring that employees are working their contracted hours.

TIN Number

Identification number that is used in the administration of tax laws.

Total Remuneration

The total annual salary package for an employee.

Training Matrix

A process used in a company to plan and track employer training skills.

Transitional Employment

A method that places employees in temporary employment with the intention of preparing them for placement in permanent employment.

Turnover Rate

Refers to the proportion of employees leaving the organization within a predetermined time frame.