Human Resources Glossary - R

Real Time Processing

This refers to computer processing during the present.

Recruiting Software

A software that aids businesses in streamlining the hiring procedure, from attracting candidates to evaluating resumes to distributing offer letters.


Refers to the assignment of employees to a new place or task.

Regular Time

The term used to describe a nonexempt employee’s regular working hours, excluding any overtime hours put in.

Remote Work

This refers to the practice of employees doing their work at a certain location away from the office.


When an employee reports detrimental or illegal behaviors within their firm, their employer or boss may act in retaliation by disciplining them.

Retention Strategy

Organizations develop and implement retention strategies to lower employee turnover, avoid attrition, boost retention, and promote employee engagement.

Retro Pay

Refers to the compensation added to an employee’s paycheck to make up for a prior pay deficiency.


A process of reorganizing a business to increase profitability and achieve corporate goals.