Human Resources Glossary - M

Magnetic Media Reporting

For firms with computerized payroll systems, magnetic media reporting provides an alternative to filing returns and forms on paper.

Management Styles

A manager’s approach to achieving goals, particularly regarding the staff members they supervise, is referred to as their management style. This covers every method they use to organize their work and their employees’ work, from decision-making to delegation to the day-to-day supervision of each employee.

Maternity Leave

A type of employee leave taken by those legally classified as employees during the birth of a child is known as maternity leave. It involves up to 52 weeks of vacation time, although it can be distributed in various ways.

Typically, maternity leaves can last up to a year. However, it is divided into two parts:

  • The typical maternity leave (the first 26 weeks)
  • Additional time off for mothers (the next 26 weeks)

Mothers are required to take four weeks off after the birth of their child (or four weeks if they work in a factory). Beyond that, they are free to decide when to take time off.

Medical Leave of Absence

Employees with medical issues impairing their bodily and mental health to the degree that they cannot execute essential job duties are eligible for a medical leave of absence. A medical leave of absence will have compliance and employee engagement implications, just like other sorts of leaves, which need to be handled.

Medicare Wages and Tips (W-2)

The amount of your income subject to Medicare tax withholding is listed in the W-2 form’s Medicare wages and tips section. This box’s value will often match the information in the W-2 form’s “wages, tips, and other compensation” section. By comparing the data, it can be shown that the Medicare tax is calculated using the entire employee’s income.

Mental Health at Work

The same principles apply to mental health everywhere as well as in the workplace. Because of that, it affects the way we feel, think, and act. When people have mental health issues at work, it affects their productivity.

Military Leave from Work

Employees who participate in specific active or inactive responsibilities in the United States military, including the National Guard and Reserve of the Armed Forces, are entitled to a leave of absence from their jobs under the military leave policy. In addition, the right to be restored in their prior post following military service is legally guaranteed to workers who leave their civilian jobs to serve in the military, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Reinstatement consists of equal employment, salary, and benefits.

The employee must give advanced written or verbal notification of the impending military duty or training to be eligible for military leave from employment. The employee must also complete their military duty honorably and cannot have more than five years of combined military leave.

If an employee is called to active duty or attends weekend or yearly National Guard or Reserve training, they may need to take a leave of absence from work. Again, the entire length of this leave cannot exceed five years. It may last for a few days, a few weeks, a year, or more.


The term “millennial” refers to a demographic cohort or age group, also referred to as “Generation Y,” who became adults around the turn of the millennium. On the one hand, some evidence suggests millennials are more generous than their apparent social media habits would offer, as they demonstrate an openness to change and concern over environmental issues. But on the other hand, popular culture frequently characterizes millennials as self-centered and obsessed with social media, earning the unflattering nickname “Generation Me.”

Mindfulness At Work

Consciousness is the root of mindfulness. Simply put, it is being mindful of what is happening inside and outside of oneself. Being mindful gives us more discretion over our actions.

Minimum Wage

Following the Fair Labor Standards Act, the minimum wage is the lowest salary an employer may offer to an hourly worker (FLSA). The federal minimum wage for non-exempt workers in the United States is now $7.25 per hour. Employers must adhere to their state’s minimum pay if it is higher than the federal minimum wage since some states have higher minimum wage requirements. Employers are required to pay non-exempt workers the federal minimum wage in states where the state minimum is less than the federal minimum.


Multiposting is simultaneously posting a job ad on multiple job portals with a single click. It functions through an online portal, hiring application, or cloud-based HR application. New positions are transferred to your company’s career portal when you choose the latter two alternatives.