Human Resources Glossary - I

Job Advert

A summary of the requirements of a position, packaged together with the core and fringe benefits that the company offers.

Job Analysis

An examination of a role within a company that looks at the responsibilities included in the job, the qualifications to perform its duties, how it relates to other positions within an organization, and when/how it’s executed.

Job Classification

A system designed to classify all jobs within a company and put them in a standardized scale based on the overall responsibilities, pay level, and duties associated with a specific position.

Job Design

The process of determining the exact duties and responsibilities within the scope of a job, as well as the systems and processes used to complete tasks.

Job Dissatisfaction

This is when an employee does not feel content in their job due to several professional and personal reasons like poor management, lack of advancement, limited work-life balance, and more.

Job Enrichment

A job design that involves adding extra aspects to a job to make it more interesting and motivating, allowing employees to perform tasks in various ways that give them more control over their work.

Job Offer Letter

A document that formalizes the offer of a job position to a job seeker, which details the terms and conditions discussed or agreed upon at the interview stage.

Job Rotation

A strategy allowing employees to work in a variety of different roles and departments within the company instead of sticking to one specific position.

Job Rejection Email Templates

These are guides used for email sent to a potential applicant letting the candidate know they did not get the job.

Job Requisition Process

A form or document used for requesting to hire new employees, from a department manager or other leader in the organization