Star Employees: What Makes Them Stay?

Dec 06, 2022 · 14 mins read ·

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There are many reasons why people leave their jobs but what if you have a star employee that you don’t want to let go yet you’re seeing signs of disengagement – what do you do? You show that you care that they have a purpose they are well-compensated and ensure that they are not yet bored of their jobs.  

As the world keeps on rotating change is inevitable – market prices gas prices and rent are over the roof. If you ask a random employee why they stay at their job best believe that most of the answers you’ll get are ‘gotta pay the bills’.

You might think that they are all about the pay as much as they have a point it’s probably that they don’t have other reasons to stay in their company. 

Since we spend a big part of our lives in our workplace staying for one reason is not enough and it will most likely lead to disengagement and end in resignation so as a manager how do you avoid the resignation of your star employees who are diligent passionate and who think before they act – how do you make them stay?

Star Employees: What Makes Them Stay?

As we said retaining star employees requires more than one reason and here are some of the top reasons why star employees stay:


“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” - John F. Kennedy

Having a purpose is one of the best feelings in the world – to know your purpose in a certain situation or location is what motivates people to wake up in the morning and start their day. 

Imagine if your star employee knows that he/she has a purpose in the company - besides getting paid -  it might save you time and resources that are used when finding another qualified employee. Plus their productivity will increase as well as those that work with the star employee because they are inspired.

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Nathaly Seruela

Nathaly Seruela