Hiring & Onboarding

How to create a truly great onboarding process that will make new hires want to stick around and become long term and loyal employees.

How a Welcome Email Can Stop New Hires Ghosting You

It’s a fact that candidates aren’t adverse to ghosting and disappearing during the application process. Even worse, some new hires change their minds after accepting a job offer even before they’ve made it through your door. So how can you stop new hire ghosting? Enter the employee welcome email.

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Why You Need a New Hire Checklist & How to Create One

Employees resign for all sorts of reasons but if your brand new employees are upping and quitting before the ink on their contract has barely had time to dry, the issue is something you’re doing - or not doing - during their onboarding. And that’s where your new hire checklist template comes in.

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Your Onboarding New Hire Checklist for Remote Workers

Trusting your remote employees is vital and you need to ensure the people you hire are right for remote work. But you also need to ensure everyone is on the same page. And like any good plan, to be set for success you need to start from the beginning: we’re talking about your onboarding process.

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Your Onboarding New Hire Checklist for Interns

Do you hire interns? If so, what does your new hire checklist and intern onboarding process look like? Do you approach internships as a valuable source of talent? Does your onboarding reflect that? Talent pipelines help you get first pick of smart individuals and internships can be a big part of that.

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How to Elevate Your Onboarding Process with a Buddy Program

Have you created a new hire checklist to help you navigate your onboarding process more easily? Have you considered - really considered - ways to make your new employees feel more at home from the moment they step through the door of your workplace? It’s time to talk about buddy programs.

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