Company Culture

Tips and tricks for creating a truly awesome company culture that will make happy, loyal employees and have candidates lining up to join your organization!

13 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a concept that plenty of companies struggle with and motivating teams that are disengaged can be easier said than done. But it’s crucial that you create an environment that encourages engagement if you want your business to be a success. Here are 13 ways to do that.

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Should You Offer Your Employees a Better Maternity Policy?

Your organization already has a maternity leave policy but do you wonder how it compares to other companies in your industry? Or do you wonder how maternity leave differs around the globe? Once you can see the bigger picture you might find you want to increase the leave or pay you offer new moms.

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4 Ways to Prioritize Your Employees' Mental Health

Burnout, rocketing stress levels, anxiety...all can take their toll on the people that work for you. Indeed, you might even be feeling the effects yourself. But as someone working in Human Resources it may be down to you to help shape your company’s response to employee mental health and wellbeing.

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How to Build a Company Culture That Motivates Employees

What are the building blocks on which an organization staffed with people who are genuinely motivated to do a great job is built? How do you turn averagely committed employees into brand advocates? It’s all down to our old friend company culture. So, here’s how to create a culture that motivates!

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How to Increase Retention Rates Through Employee Recognition

We all enjoy being recognized for our positive attributes. Whether it’s our winning smile, our ability to cook amazing food, or more importantly, the way we crush it at work. But what happens if you’re consistently achieving results and no one notices? Here’s why employee recognition is so crucial.

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Don't Go! Retention Strategies to Increase Employee Loyalty

Losing staff is often stressful. It’s also expensive for the business with some studies estimating that the cost of replacing an employee can be as much as six to nine months of their salary. So what can be done to minimize the risk of employees quitting on you and your bank account taking the blow?

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